Now this would be a sweet gig.

Plenty of businesses are hiring in Western New York, with staffing shortages still on the rise as we battle back to what life was like before the pandemic. 

One of those businesses could land you a pretty decent chance at being Josh Allen’s personal server for any time he has a craving for chicken wings. 

You may remember…Josh Allen was a guest on Mad Dog radio not too long ago when he revealed his favorite place for chicken wings. 

“I go Bar-Bill,” Allen said. “ I get ten hot. And then to soothe that out, I get ten lemon pepper.”

“They just added lemon pepper to the menu [and] it’s freaking fantastic,” Allen said. 

Now that you know Josh’s order, you’ll be able to identify which wings are his during your time at Bar-Bill.

Bar-Bill North in Clarence  is hiring kitchen staff immediately, according to one Facebook post in the Alden NY News page.

Photo Credit: Alden Facebook Group
Photo Credit: Alden Facebook Group

According to the post, you must be able to work in a fast-paced environment. Wages are set at $17hr plus benefits. 

You have to be at least 17 years old to work at Bar-Bill North, but here’s a major perk: you get an employee discount of 50% for any food order you make! If you work over 6 hours, your food is free for that shift. 

Talk about having as many chicken wings as you want! And the possibility of serving Josh Allen his wings? That’s sweet! 

If you are interested in the open position, you can follow up with Bar-Bill North by clicking here.

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