Buffalo will be unable to exercise a fifth-year option with the receiver.

When Keon Coleman signed his rookie deal in the middle of minicamp on Wednesday, fans weren’t quite sure about the details of the contract. Now that the numbers have been released, let’s take a look at the deal for the premier pick in round two of the 2024 NFL Draft.

Considering that the receiver was selected at 33rd, his contract isn’t really comparable to the first-rounders ahead of him, especially since the Bills can not exercise the fifth-year option. But, that doesn’t mean after year four it’s the end of the road. If Buffalo is happy with Coleman’s production, they could work out another deal.

Now, it’s time for the money talk.

Coleman signed a four-year contract for $10,074,258 with an annual salary around $2,518,565, per Spotrac.

The former Seminole received a hefty signing bonus of $4,146,732 (that’s a lot of winter jackets if he starts shopping now), and $9,640,495 of his contract is guaranteed. His cap hit for 2024 sits at $1,831,683.

The fans that fell in love with the Wegman's cookie monster can root for him and his yellow jacket until 2028, when Coleman becomes a free agent.

Coleman seemed to do well in minicamp and OTAs, and finished up minicamp with a twirl-like catch from Josh Allen, showing off why he was drafted.

The Buffalo Bills will start training camp next month (July 24) at St. John Fisher University, where fans can catch Coleman in action before the season officially starts.

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