Those dreams and plans that you have may still come true. Can you imagine what the life of a billionaire must be like? Never having to worry about that mortgage payment, car payment or grocery bills again? There is still a chance that you might be that person.


This is getting very exciting as the new jackpot will hit an estimated $1.5 billion! Still not the record amount but certainly getting there. When you consider that the salary cap payroll for an NFL team is around $208 million a year, the take-home lump sum payout of $745.9 million is a huge win! The next drawing will take place this coming Saturday, November 5th and no doubt it will be watching by millions.

Don't worry if you don't land the big jackpot. There are multiple "mini" winners each draw. There is a chance that you might win some cash if you match some of the numbers. But regardless, it sure is fun to be part of this lottery buzz!

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