This person's custom license plate advertises that they are, without a doubt, from Buffalo.

Custom license plates are not hard to get in New York State and is a fun way to send a message. Some people find them annoying and shallow while others love how it allows one to express themselves. Regardless, you can easily get a custom plate in New York.

How Do You Get Custom License Plates in New York?

You can visit a DMV location or, better yet, visit the New York State DMV online and apply for a custom plate. Now, you can not simply put anything on your custom plate. New York has likely put filters on requests to make sure people don't put rude, obscene, and/or insulting things on their plates. It also won't approve your custom plate if it's already taken, obviously. Nevertheless it is easy to test out ideas on their site. You can get plates for a passenger or commercial vehicle, as well as a motorcycle.

How Much Do Custom License Plates Cost in New York?

For a passenger or commercial vehicle there is an initial cost of $60. For a Motorcycle, the initial cost is $35 (see the fees click here). However, that's not where the expense ends. There is also a yearly fee you have to pay to keep the plate. For passenger or commercial vehicles, the annual fee is $31.25 and for motorcycles, it is $18.75. The annual fee is something you need to consider before getting a custom plate.

License Plate Shows This Person is From Buffalo, New York

What you choose as your custom plate can say a lot about you. In this case, as shown on TikTok, this person's plate definitely says they are from Buffalo, New York.

We all know in Buffalo it's always Blue Cheese and NEVER Ranch with our wings. This person clearly is proud of that and rightfully so.

What would your license plate say? Also, have you seen the different styles of New York State License Plates you can have based on region? They are pretty cool.

New York State's New Regional License Plates

Now you can get a customized picture license plate to make your hometown proud.

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