Sometimes in life, you need a little bit of luck and it seems that this town in New York might be the luckiest place to be when it comes to the Take 5 Lottery.

It is not often that you get one town to get back to back Take 5 Lottery big winners but that is exactly what happened in this New York town.

If you are thinking about buying a lottery ticket and maybe want to hedge your bet a little bit with some extra luck, it might be worth driving to this Western New York Town.

That is because, over the past two weeks, this town has been home to winning Take 5 lottery tickets that each won over $25,000. It gets even crazier, as the tickets were both sold at Wegmans' in this town, but just different locations.

Over the weekend it was announced that another Take 5 Lottery winning ticket was sold at Wegmans' in Amherst.

This latest ticket was sold at the Wegmans on Alberta Drive, which is right off Maple road near Niagara Falls Blvd.

Speaking of Niagara Falls Blvd, last week it was announced that a winning Take 5 Lottery ticket was sold at the Wegmans located right on the Blvd in Amherst.

So if you are looking to get lucky and win some cash with the Take 5 Lottery, you might want to take the drive over to Amherst and get a lottery ticket from one of the Wegmans in the town.

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