What the heck happened here? Erie County Sheriffs Department, Lake Erie Towing, Buffalo Police & Buffalo Fire were all involved in a rescue at the Erie Basin Marina recently. Check out the picture below.

If you missed it, the accident really happened on Tuesday night. The distress call was made after 8 PM. The boat hit the navigation light near the roundhouse water intake structure. Luckily everyone is okay. Everyone thought that alcohol was a major part of the accident on social media. That does not seem to be the case.

There were 4 people on the boat. One of the passengers had to be taken to ECMC to get checked out for a concussion. The other three passengers on the boat were okay.

Tuesday, a boat had gone into shallow waters and landed in a rocky area surrounding a navigation light near the roundhouse water intake structure.

Check out the picture from our friends at WIVB:

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