The summer of 2024 concert schedule may be the biggest and best yet. Across Buffalo and Western New York, there are so many many great concert venues that all seem to be booked from now until Labor Day!

It doesn't matter if you love country, rock or hip-hop, there is live music for every taste this year and it seems that artists are picking New York State as a hub for their tours every year. Proximity to Canada and multiple major cities is likely the reason.

However, there are some things to keep in mind this summer when you go to a concert in New York State.

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From Buffalo, to Albany, and everywhere in between, New York State is ready to keep those who are not old enough to drink, from getting their hands on booze.

Thinking of using a fake ID at that concert this summer? You may want to know that New York State and the New York State DMV are ready.

As far as shows, the list is VAST! Check out the calendar for the shows in the Western New York are this summer.

2024 Country Concerts in Buffalo, New York

A lot of concerts coming in 2024! Here are all of the country concerts happening in Western New York.

Gallery Credit: Rob Banks

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