It's been over a month since we've seen this guy in public.  He was injured in week 2, but he was seen back with his teammates today.

The season was short for Micah Hyde.  He left the second game of the season on Monday Night Football as the Bills took on the Tennessee Titans with a neck injury.  It's something that is taken very seriously (and should be) in the NFL.  His 2022-2023 season ended right there.  He was almost immediately put on season-ending IR.

He underwent neck surgery on October 12th for a herniated disc.  All reports were that his surgery was successful.  The good news is that it seems to have gone very well.

The all-star safety was seen out on the field with his teammates today at practice.

Of course, he wasn't suited up at all and did have a towel wrapped around his neck but he looks good.  You can see him moving quite well and even turning his head a bit from side to side and up and down.

While there aren't any thoughts of him coming back this year, it's incredibly encouraging to see him moving around as well as he is and getting back with the team so quickly after surgery.  He wasn't a fan of sitting at home to watch the games.

Hyde is expected to be back with the Bills for the 2023 season.  His anticipated time out is 6-9 months.  The 2023 season will be the last year of his contract unless something changes before then.  He's going to be one of a couple of players that the Bills might have to make a hard decision on soon.

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