A house recently sold for over $1 million in the City of Buffalo has been the talk of Western New York. Here we give you a look inside, and out, of the incredible home.

The Housing Market

Since the pandemic, housing prices have skyrocketed across the United States. The overall cost of living has also gone up dramatically for everyone. To add to the financial crunch, people’s salaries aren’t rising at the same levels. It’s harder than ever to afford buying a home, even in Western New York where housing prices have generally been among the most affordable in the nation for decades.

Young couples can not simply cut out a coffee and afford a home. It’s a complex market that everyone is seeing sticker shock in. Even those doing well for themselves are feeling it. As a result, more homes costing in the high six figures, as well as in the seven figures range are becoming much more common.

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WGRZ Channel 2 reports this is the 7th home sold for a million or more dollars this year in Buffalo. It’s March. It’s also the new normal.

The Home

Located in the Elmwood Village on Soldiers Place, the home sold for $1.2 million on March 6, according to Realtor.com. The home was built in 1958 and has 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a 2 car attached garage, and is over 4,000 square feet on a third of an acre of land. There are 13 total rooms, including a finished basement that currently serves as a gym.

The home has beautiful landscaping out front with a natural garden and patio out back. The main living space feels like something out of a movie set with a mixture of modern and throwback decor. The kitchen is nothing short of gorgeous, with modern amenities and an open concept. Each bedroom has unique areas. There is a bathroom that is dated but also feels authentic. You also have to check out the incredible wine cellar that is stacked in the picture below. We are not sure if the wine comes with the home.

The pictures and staging are an incredible job by the Realtor, Judy Jack Lewis with HUNT Real Estate. Their ability to make this home feel the right amount of clean, lived-in, yet available shows how much they were invested in the sale of the property for their client. Even if they hired people to do it, they did everything right in showing off this home.

This house has been the talk of several news outlets, including Buffalo Business First who first reported the sale.

Check out the pictures of the home below, via Realtor.com. You can also see the listing by CLICKING HERE.

[PICS] $1,000,000 Home That Just Sold in Buffalo, New York

A home recently sold for over $1 million in the City of Buffalo has been the talk of WNY. Here, we give you a look inside, and out, of the incredible home.

Gallery Credit: Realtor.com via Hunt Real Estate and Judy Jack Lewis

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