It is not often that you can get most people to agree on one thing, but based on the number of times people searched how to correctly spell this word, we think that most New Yorkers would agree this word is the one word that is most often misspelled in New York.

A new study from Google and AT&T tracked the words that were most misspelled by online users between 2020 and 2021.

The number one word was "quarantine" for twelve different states The funniest way that some people in the midwest were spelling the word was "Corn Teen".

So at least here in New York, we don't have to live with the fact that most people in the state actually typed in the word "Corn Teen" during the pandemic.

So what word dos trip up writers in New York the most? The word "definitely" is the number one word that was misspelled the most during Google's study. New York wasn't alone in its ability to spell the word definitely.

Both Utah and New Hampshire also had definitely on top of the list as the most misspelled word during the Google study.

Some of the other most misspelled words in the county according to the study were “Favorite,” “coronavirus,” and “every”. Also high on the list were "there" and "their" and when to use them in a sentence.

The best way to make sure that you aren't sending out an email or important note that isn't full of misspellings is to have someone double-check your words or download a program like Grammarly that helps catch your spelling mistakes.

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