As the NFL Playoffs get underway, you know better than most that Bills fans all over the world are getting ready to cheer JA17 and the team to the Super Bowl and victory. With the Bills having the number 2 seed, if they win, they are guaranteed at least two home games at Highmark Stadium here in the 716.

One thing that will be essential to ensuring a victory by the Bills will be the support of the Mafia. The Bills have some of the most dedicated fans in all of American sports, and we prove that every week.

You can take a look at just about any game where the Bills are playing, far and wide, and you will find Buffalo fans there. It doesn't matter if its the United Kingdom, Foxborough, or Orchard Park, you know the Mafia are the best fans in the league.

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills
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No matter how much we love our Bills, there are some people who don't appreciate how energetic we are. In fact, there's one New England Patriots player in particular who has something to say about the Bills and their fans.

Former New England Patriots Player Julian Edelman Has Something To Say About Buffalo Bills Fans

To say that the Bills and Patriots have a rivalry is a bit of an understatement.

Since 1960, the year the Buffalo Bills were founded, the two AFC East teams have played each other 129 times. While the Bills have owned the Patriots since 2020, New England leads the overall series between the two teams with a record of 78-50-1.

The competition between the two teams can get so intense that former New England Wide Receiver Julian Edelman mentioned Buffalo has the worst fans to play against when in Orchard Park.

Super Bowl XLIX - New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks
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Edelman was on an episode of Travis and Jason Kelce's podcast, The New Heights when the topic of their most hated teams came up.

Kelce asked Edelman which fanbase hates the Patriots the most: the Jets, Falcons, or Colts. Edelman didn't hesitate to shoot them all down and point to the Buffalo Bills and Bills Mafia as the worst of them all.

Check out the video below.

Needless to say, Bills fans take this as a compliment. Let's Go, Buffalo!

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