Today the mini-heatwave continues across Western New York and with this heat wave comes a chance to set a new record high.

Currently, the record high for October 25th is 79 degrees. That was set back 10 years ago in 2012.

It looks like we will get close to the record and if we get a good gust of warm air, that record could fall.

Today's low is around the average high temperatures so you know it will be warm one today. That will end today as well as we get back to more normal temperatures than last week.

Rain and a cool-down are expected tomorrow with a high near 67 and then that cold front moves back into Western New York by the end of the week.

Looking ahead, on Thursday the high is expected to be around 55, and 56 on Friday. We will see a bit of a warmup as we head into the weekend.

There will be plenty of sunshine on Saturday and Sunday with the project highs near 61.

Then more rain and possible snow move in late Monday night for Halloween trick or treating, meaning that October 2022 will go on record as an above-average month for the temperatures.

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