The time has come to say goodbye to one of the most popular events in Western New York. According to a Facebook post, the East Aurora Music Fest will come to an end.

We are blessed to have so many great festivals here in Western New York and Buffalo. From heritage, to music, there has been no lack of things to do from spring to fall in the 716.

However, these festivals take lots of work, volunteer, funding and, most importantly, time and energy to operate and continue. Organizers are often forced to make a tough decision.

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According to a post on their Facebook page, the East Aurora Music Fest has reached the end of the road.

This was a shock over the weekend for so many who have been a part of and enjoyed EA Music Fest.

In response, most of the comments have been positive and understanding of the decision.

"Sorry to hear this but I certainly understand. John, you've always been a real pleasure to work with. We appreciate all your assistance and cooperation over the years at Fireman's Field. Looking forward to your next chapter".

Many of the East Aurora residents that I spoke with were wondering if the festival will be picked up by another organizer? That remains to be seen. However, it was a great run and brought lots of people and attention to one of, if not the best, villages in Western New York.

The festival season is just getting started as there are numerous events and lawn fetes and concerts still to come across Buffalo and Western New York.

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