Are these signs in New York State just there to scare us all? Is this even true? You know when you are driving around New York State, you see these signs that say: "State Police aircraft used in speed enforcement".

When was the last time you saw an aircraft try and watch you in the sky for speeding? Seems like it would cost New York State much more than they would make in speeding tickets. Nate Benson of WGRZ asked the Police if they are still in use:

The New York State Police responded in January of 2022 by stating that they had no records of tickets issued during that time period.

After several follow-ups with officials at the NYSP, the agency revealed that "they hadn't conducted aircraft speed enforcement since the late 1990s."

They should just take the signs down then. Unless they are, in fact, just trying to scare you to ensure that you drive the speed limit.

Have you heard about these other two rumors on the road?

How about this one. Has anyone ever heard this rumor? Back when I was first learning how to drive, I always thought that if you went too fast on the Thruway, the toll booths would be able to register if you speed or not. For example: If you were supposed to drive 60 miles and the speed limit was 60 miles per hour, that should take 1 hour.

But, if you got from one toll booth to the other in less than an hour, that obviously meant you were speeding. Even if it is not true, I always think that the new automatic toll booths are going to get me.

What about this one? 

Everyone in Buffalo has been to a Buffalo Bills game in Orchard Park. You either park at the Bills lot, the hammer lot, or any of the houses surrounding that offer parking. You'll probably see a helicopter fly around up above before the games actually start.

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