My heart is broken and my feelings are hurt. One of my favorite shows ever, The Simpsons, completely trashed us! I can't believe I missed this episode when it first aired on April 28, 2019. I happened to catch it today though. I expect this kind of treatment from Family Guy or even American Dad, but not from The Simpsons.

The show in question is Episode 21 from Season 30 and it's called "D'Oh Canada."

First, let's clear this up once and for all...Buffalo is NOT upstate New York. At least not in our minds, which is all that matters. We are in Western New York, so please make a note. Now, on to the rest of the shade that The Simpsons threw at us.

Just to set the scene of how badly they trash Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Upstate New York, and Canada in the episode, Lisa Simpson asks her dad, Homer, where they are headed. He replies, "Niagara Falls," to which the whole family replies with a severe lack of enthusiasm, "meh."

As they are driving, presumably to some part of Upstate, New York, from whichever state Springfield is located in, they pass a closed-down Toys R Us store, a bankrupt Sears, Roebuck and Co., and a Circuit City overrun by wild dogs. Homer and Bart both say "Booya" with way more excitement than they expressed about seeing The Falls. Lisa then asks, "How can you 'booya' this country's decline?"

Homer Simpson, who is now twisting the dagger he dug into my heart a few minutes ago, says to Lisa,

"Cheer up honey, we're headed to the one place that can never decline because it was never that great...Upstate New York!"

D'oh...F#$%@ TheSimpsons writers (respectfully)

You can watch the sequence described above in the video below.

Credit: Anime TV via Youtube

Somehow (TV magic, I suppose), The Simpsons drive through these Upstate and WNY places, in this order:

1. The Town of Niskayuna, NY (just north of Albany)
2. The Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY
3. Utica, NY (where a digital sign shows the population declining rapidly)
4. Highmark Stadium, Orchard Park, NY
5. Mohawk Valley Community College, Utica, NY
6. Kodak Tower, Rochester, NY
7. The Village of Oriskany, NY
8. Buffalo, NY
9. Niagara Falls, NY

Google Maps
Google Maps

You can check out the Upstate New York song below:

Credit: SimpsonsEps03 via Youtube

Surprisingly, I don't recall seeing a Tim Horton's during the episode, maybe I missed it.

**Spoiler Alert**

After they make it to Niagara Falls, Lisa ends up going over the falls and lands in Canada. There she is considered a political refugee and must stay in Canada. From there, the show lays off Buffalo and Upstate New York and goes in on Canada.

To the show I used to sneak to watch at my grandmother's house in Lancaster, New York back in the 80s, you've broken my heart!

Ok, I'm really just being dramatic. I can take a good joke and the episode got a few things accurate. The episode, while rife with WNY, Upstate New York, and Canadian stereotypes, was pretty entertaining and I did appreciate the ode to the Buffalo Bills.

Below is a little longer video, but not the full episode (which I can't find on Youtube)

Credit: Simpson World via Youtube

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