The Bills vs. Rams game is one for the books, and although we remember it being a huge win for the Super Bowl favorites, there was something else that happened during the game that is worth noting.

Two pink flares temporarily stole the attention on the football field Thursday night. 

At first, people thought that it may be a gender reveal for a baby girl. 

Later, we found out the flare was part of a protest by animal activists, so that kind of unraveled the “gender reveal” theory. 

Unless….there was another baby announcement at SoFi Stadium. 

Rachael and Craig Burbules tapped the shoulder of one Buffalo Bill to help with their baby announcement on Thursday.

“Our team is growing!” Rachael wrote on Facebook, sharing a photo of her and Craig standing with none other than Devin Singletary. 

In the picture, Singletary is helping Rachael hold up a Buffalo Bills jersey for her expecting baby. 

Photo Credit: Facebook Screenshot
Photo Credit: Facebook Screenshot

The little draft pick is “#singletaryapproved” according to Rachael. 

What a unique way to announce that you are expecting! Enlist a Buffalo Bill to help you out. 

That wasn’t the only gender reveal, though! Isaiah McKenzie did a gender reveal for his sister after completing a touchdown on national television. 

Now I don’t think that’s ever been done before. You can see the full story here.

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