As we progress into 2024 people all over the world are making plans for the newly arrived year. Whether it's what to do with their career or where to travel on vacation, there is one thing that is for sure, and it's that 2024 is to be the best year yet.

With 2024 being potentially the best year we're going to have in the 716, there is another best that we have to look forward to: Buffalo being one of the best places for people to travel to this year.

Forbes Magazine has announced something that those of us in Western New York have known for years: Buffalo is a great place to visit.

Buffalo Named Top City To Visit In America By Forbes Magazine

In an article published by Forbes, the 716 finds itself among some amazing places worldwide as one of the top 50 places to visit this year.

If you haven’t been to Buffalo in the last decade—or two—you may be surprised to find that the city has transformed. Neighborhoods have been reinvigorated with culinary offerings that match the growing diversity of its people. Colorful public art is found throughout the city, which is in sharp contrast to restored architectural landmarks by Frank Lloyd Wright and Henry Hobson Richardson. Even the waterfront, which was once strictly industrial, has seen a significant revitalization.
-Forbes Advisor

Buffalo has been racking up several accolades over the last few months. In addition to this recognition by Forbes, Buffalo, which is long been known as the World's Best Planned City, was also recently named America's number 1 city.

Not bad for a little city on Lake Erie.

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