There is some exciting news for one of the two Great Lakes that we sit on here in Western New York. Lake Erie has made it to the top of a very important list.

This summer, are you planning a road trip or adventure here in New York State? There are dozens, if not hundreds, of things to see and do. Many of which are outdoors. From Niagara Falls, to the Hudson River and Adirondack Mountains, we are loaded with natural fun.

But one of the most overlooked resources in New York State, specifically by outsiders, is proximity we have to the Great Lakes.

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There is a new and exciting report that shows the beauty and majesty of at least one of the Great Lakes that we sit on.

Travel + Leisure has posted an article on it's website about the best lake in the United States and you may be surprised to see that Lake Erie made the list! According to the article that sites The USA TODAY, posted on June 20, 2024, Travel + Leisure says that: "The result is 10 expert and public-approved lakes that range from behemoths like Lake Superior and Lake Tahoe to lesser-known spots like Lake Cumberland and Lake Austin, with Lake Erie in the No. 1 spot".

I learned that Lake Erie is the warmest of the Great Lakes! I have lived here for nearly 47 years and never knew that fact. It is why we have such good fishing and, when we can swim, the water feels so refreshing. The issue with swimming always seems to be the higher bacteria levels at certain beaches along Lake Erie.

Enjoy the summer and don't forget to get outdoors with the family and check out some of the natural wonders and resources that we have here in New York State!

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