The Buffalo Bills are in full preparation for their week 3 game in Miami against the fellow 2-0 Dolphins.

It’s an important game for both teams. First place in the AFC East is on the line and it’s a test for the Bills, who are widely regarded as the best team in the league, against the up-start Dolphins who had a the biggest road comeback in franchise history last Sunday against Baltimore.

The Bills dismantled both the Los Angeles Rams and Tennessee Titans in their first two games, which just so happens to be the defending Super Bowl champions and last season’s number one seed in the AFC.

Josh Allen completed 26 of 38 passes for 317 yards and four touchdowns on Monday Night Football. He was nearly perfect against the Titans defense.

On Thursday, Titans defensive coordinator Shane Bowen told the media, in preparation for the Las Vegas Raiders, that Raiders QB Derek Carr has similar mobility to Josh Allen…but Carr is more “willing” to “stay in the pocket” and let plays “develop downfield.”

Bowen’s comments were taken by most fans and analysts as a shot at Allen.

First of all, Derek Carr is absolutely not similar to Josh Allen in mobility. Secondly, these comments coming after the Titans defense gave up 34 points in the first three quarters of their game against the Bills is pretty interesting timing. This is one of the more ridiculous things I’ve heard an NFL coach say in a while.

If the last two Bills seasons, last year’s playoff games and this seasons first two games are any indication…I’d say Josh Allen is letting things develop in front of him just fine, with an appropriate amount of time.

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