This year is expected to be one of the busiest summers for travel in history, and you can bet that this Memorial Day weekend will be no exception. 

Memorial Day is often the very first chance for Buffalo residents to get out of town and kick off the summer, before the busy activities that come our way in June, July, and August. Naturally, we can expect it to get pretty hectic. 

Airports all over New York, including Buffalo-Niagara International, will be mobbed with people flying out for a long-weekend getaway, leading to a massive number of stressed out travelers. In fact, the TSA estimates that the Buffalo airport will see a 16% increase in travelers over last year. 

Holiday Travel Day Before Thanksgiving Predicted To Be Heavier Than Years Past
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Instead of panicking, there are some steps you can take ahead of time to prevent any issues in getting to your Memorial Day weekend destination

TSA Issues Warning Ahead Of Memorial Day Travel

In a news release, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) says that the Buffalo airport will see an increase in travelers as early as Thursday, with nearly 3 million travelers expected to be screened at checkpoints nationwide. Therefore, the organization is stressing the importance of planning ahead of time and packing properly. 

“The best advice that I can offer is to get to the airports well before your ticketed departure time. The next most important thing is for travelers to come to the airport prepared to go through the security screening process. Passengers need to make sure that there are no prohibited items among their carry-on items. Prohibited items will result in a need for our officers to open and inspect a bag to determine what triggered the alarm. This process takes a few minutes and will slow down someone’s trip through the checkpoint.” - Bart R. Johnson, TSA Federal Security Director for Upstate New York

There’s nothing worse than sending your luggage or carry-on through the airport x-ray machine only to have it flagged because you packed something that you didn’t realize was prohibited. It’s nerve-wracking to watch a TSA agent sort through your bag while you worry about missing your flight (not to mention trying to ignore the glares of your fellow travelers waiting in line behind you). 

TSA's Advice For Memorial Day Travelers In Western New York

To avoid any headaches, the TSA has released some tips on what you need to know before you even arrive at the Buffalo airport. 

Keep scrolling to see what the TSA says you need to do before flying this Memorial Day weekend to make sure everything goes according to plan.

Flying? The Best Tips For Travelers In New York State

Here’s some advice from the TSA about what to know before you go.

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