The heat and humidity are going to be excessive here in Western New York this week. There are alerts and warnings posted as schools across New York State plan on sending the kids home early this week.

Although the heat will be intense this week, the summer won't officially arrive until this Thursday when the summer solstice takes place.

But there is one thing that is happening in parks and along public sidewalks in, and around Buffalo, that is very gross and when it gets hot, it gets even worse!

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The temperatures this week are about to hit near record highs and, in some spots, there have already been some astonishing highs.

As the heat index reaches over 100 degrees, some are asking that you put your dog's feces in a place that is less offensive.

Photo by: Clay Moden
Photo by: Clay Moden

As we walked by this particular park in Hamburg this week, the stench of the dog droppings bags that were hanging from the front of the garbage bins was overpowering. It was like walking past a doggy sewer!

There are a couple of things that people can do when it gets this hot to help your neighbors who also enjoy the parks and sidewalks. One, put the bags all the way INSIDE the bins. And two, consider bringing your dog's poop back home to your own garbage bin.

Ironically, and if you look closely you can see it, there is a "no dog" policy in this park.

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