You can make some serious cash just by reporting cars and trucks that have been idling too long.  There is this new program called the Citizens Air Complaint Program and New York is trying to become more 'green'. Anybody can see a car or truck idling, take a video and upload it and you get 25% of the fine that they have to pay.

What a crazy idea.

  • Any normal Joe Schmoe that sees a vehicle chilling on the street too long just waiting there letting all these emissions in the air can get a ticket if you send a video in.
  • If they get 'convicted' and have to pay the fine in court, you get 25% of the fine.
  • Now, there is a chance that you would have to go to court and testify.
  • It's that simple.

To put it into perspective. An 81-year-old man decided for a side hustle he would just look out for idling trucks and cars. Take a guess at how much money he made when he decided this would be his 'side hustle' (at 81 years old no less).

He made about $64,000.

Where do we sign up! LOL

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