As we head into the "winter" months of November and December, the early look winter forecast is looking good for New York State.

Forecasters at are calling for a milder winter compared to last year and it looks like there will be less snow this winter than last year as well.

A "Triple Dip" La Nina is expected to bring milder conditions to the Northeast and across New York State. A "Triple Drip" La Nina happened when we see La Ninas for three straight years. This hasn't happened in New York in 100 years.

Because of the milder condition according to the early winter forecast from Accuweather, the chance of snow and bitter cold will be relatively low for New York State.

Forecasters are calling for about half the amount of snowfall that we had last year. For example, Buffalo had around 87 inches of snow last year, which was the most of any major city in New York State, and the forecast for this year is around 50 inches. Also, the chance of lake effect snow in the region is lower than in years past.

Photo Credit: Accuweather
Photo Credit: Accuweather

According to the forecast, it looks like Boston will be the only major city in the Northeast that will get the normal amount of snow. Let's hope that get plenty in December for all the home Patriot games.

That doesn't mean we won't get some true winter days across the state. The forecasters are calling for several cold and snowy days between now and Christmas and most of the snow coming after the 1st of the year.

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