Have you ever heard the saying, 'don't cut off your nose to spite your face'? I think it somehow applies here. A Chautauqua County man was irate, for some unknown reason, and decided he wanted out of his Medicaid taxi.

The incident took place on Thursday, September 29, 2022. The driver of the transport vehicle, 21-year-old Keila M. Rosado of Buffalo, pulled over onto the shoulder of the NY State Thruway in the town of Hanover in Chautauqua County. The angry passenger, 48-year-old Hector Colon Rodriguez of Jamestown, exited the vehicle from the rear driver's side and ended up right in the path of an oncoming 2022 Kenworth tractor-trailer. The poor guy driving the semi, Milijan Teodosic, 47, of Franklin, Wisconsin, was probably just as terrified as Rodriguez, seeing a man in front of his truck with no time to stop. If he was carrying a commercial load, I'm sure he was worried about his CDL.

Anyway, God must have been on Rodriguez's side that day because he wasn't killed. Many people have lost their lives being hit by a car, nevertheless a semi-truck. He did have to be airlifted to Erie County Medical Center where he is being treated for serious, but non-life-threatening injuries. He is currently listed in stable condition.

Thankfully for both the driver of the medical taxi van and the tractor-trailer, no tickets were issued. I'm sure neither of them was able to control the mad man. I'm not really sure what would make Rodriguez so angry that he would jump out of the taxi on the side of the vehicle closest to traffic without looking for oncoming vehicles. I hope it wasn't a situation where he intended to hurt himself by knowingly walking in front of the truck. That would be pretty selfish and a danger to other people. I'm glad he survived and hopefully he'll have a different perspective on allowing things to upset him that much after this.

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