Bills Mafia warmly welcomed a Miami Dolphins fan to their tailgate today, and that fan just happened to be…Trevor Penick, singer of O-Town.

O-Town posted on their social media today a video of Bills fans tailgating with the complete set up of plastic tables, beers, fire pits and a side of early 2000s boy band music.

The caption for the post reads: “Nobody can resist belting out the All or Nothing key change at the top of their lungs…even the Bills Mafia sang along with Trevor, wearing opposing team colors, ahead of the Bills v Dolphins playoff game today!”

In the selfie-style video in the post, the Bills fans are singing O-Town’s hit “All Or Nothing” alongside Trevor, with just as much passion as we all cheered on the Bills with today. Though Trevor is showing donning his orange and aqua, the Bills fans are massively excited to sing with him.

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Listening to boy band music is a staple of a Buffalo Bills tailgate (even today, I was bopping to Backstreet Boys while walking to Highmark Stadium for the game). But, having the real deal to sing with you hits differently.

O-Town’s fans complimented how great it is to be part of the Bills fan base, after watching the video.

One fan wrote, “How can u not love bills fans. Look im [a cowboys fan] but going to a bills game is definitely now on my bucket list,” and another fan commented, “I knew I liked buffalo for a reason.”

CNN journalist Wolf Blitzer also attended today's game, where the Bills squeaked by with a score of 34-31 against the Dolphins to advance to the AFC divisional round.

We can’t wait to see the new set of celebrities that may join next game’s karaoke-tailgate party.

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