The Buffalo Bills are on a roll this season and we all know that Buffalo Bills fans are known as the Bills Mafia. Now your kids can join the Mafia family.

It is no secret that when you are born in Buffalo, you are going to be a Bills fan. I grew up in West Seneca and I have tons of pictures of me rocking theJoe Fergerson jersey. My brothers and I would pretend to be Bruce Smith or Andre Reed in the yard when we played pick-up football.

The Bills fandom runs deep here in Western New York. Nowadays, there are hospitals all over Western New York that will wrap up newborn babies in Bills' blankets.

Now the Buffalo Bills have created a new group for young fans of the team. The "Mini Mafia", and no your kid wouldn't be jumping through toy tables to join this Mafia.

The Bills have created this group to give area kids fun things to go, ways to give back to the community, and to be like their parents, members of the Bills Mafia.

The "Mini Mafia" is a free group and open to young Bills fans between the ages of 6 and 14. You can sign up your kids HERE.

When you sign up your child, their "Mini Mafia" membership will automatically renew every year until they turn 15.

So if you don't want to take your young kids to tailgate or sit in the 300s in the cold, this is a great alternative to let them be part of the Mafia.

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