The Buffalo Sabres fell to the Columbus Blue Jackets on the road last night, 4-1.

The game was definitely not one to remember for Buffalo, as the Blue Jackets dominated them entirely, especially in the first and third periods.

The Sabres are two weeks away from their first regular season game, which will be played on October 13th at KeyBank Center against the Ottawa Senators.

Right now, the Sabres are playing a different lineup every night, as both rookies, AHL'ers and regular NHL'ers play to impress the coaches and try and make the team's opening night lineup.

Normally, teams fly pretty much everywhere in professional sports. Anything more than an hour or two usually results in a quick flight. The Sabres have been flying everywhere for as long as we can remember, but something appears to have changed.

According to Die By The Blade, the Blue Jackets broadcast last night said that the Sabres are bussing for road trips right now, including to Columbus. This is reportedly because of issues with their team plane/company...

Die By The Blade confirmed this is likely true based on flight records and expected flights.

Although the Sabres did fly to Washington D.C. this past weekend.

It's just under a five-hour road trip to bus from Buffalo to Columbus, so that's quite the haul for a professional sports team in the four major North American sports.

I'm quite sure this will only be temporary and once the regular season begins the Sabres will be flying everywhere, but this is not a good look for the franchise.

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