Three weeks after being forcibly closed by the Buffalo Police Department following the shooting death of Madjid Elbert, 46, Del Denby Tavern on Hertel Avenue has reopened.

No suspects have been identified and no arrests have been made in the homicide, which occurred early in the morning of May 8.

Ronald Cercone, an attorney on behalf of the bar’s owners, said that while “there’s other shootings in other areas,” the owners of Del Denby Tavern have “taken whatever measures (they) can to make sure it’s safe, not only for (their) family but for the public and all the patrons that attend here.”

The bar reopened Tuesday after the city lifted a cease and desist order placed on the building’s door on May 8. Councilmemeber Joel Feroleto reportedly said the bar will have two security guards, licensed by New York State, working inside the establishment, and will work with the Department of Permits and Inspection to review the bar’s safety plan.

Elbert was known as an “older brother figure to a lot of us people in the restaurant business who work and are chefs in town,” Kevin Sampson, a friend of the victim, said at the time of his death.

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In a letter to the editor published Wednesday morning, Jeanne Matthews of Buffalo calls for the community to support John and Ruthanne Daly, owners of the bar.

“Del’s is a family business owned by the Dalys, who also have two full-time jobs in addition to owning several properties on Hertel Avenue. They work tirelessly to maintain these properties and businesses before and after their day jobs, working into all hours of the evenings and weekends. They put their heart and soul into these developments on Hertel, transforming abandoned buildings and lots, and they should be commended for all of their endeavors for the benefit of the North Buffalo community,” she writes.

“We should be applauding them instead of assigning blame for senseless crimes.”

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