Today, the Buffalo Bills beat the New York Jets with a score of 20-12, and the team continues as the front runner in the AFC East, and AFC overall with its 10-3 standings.

That’s just one of the wins today for the team. Poyer’s act of kindness cascaded into another long-standing win for a brave middle schooler.

As we reported yesterday, Bills safety Jordan Poyer surprised sixth grader Logan Neri last week at East Aurora Middle School, after Neri wrote Poyer a detailed letter about being bullied.

When Poyer visited with him, he also gave Neri even more memories to take away from the experience – a signed jersey and tickets.

Matt Parrino
According to Parrino’s post, Poyer ensured Neri rode to today’s game in style, and sent a driver to pick him and his family up. It was also Neri’s first Bills game. We couldn’t think of a better first game for Neri to be at. Neri even got to see Dawson Knox’s somersault vault touchdown, and the

Next Saturday, the Bills will aim to “squish the fish,” against the Miami Dolphins with a home field advantage, and if it’s anything like today, hopefully we’ll have another retaliation win on our hands.


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