Early predictions from local weather sources are calling for some major Lake Effect snow across Western New York starting on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and continuing over the holiday weekend.

Some models have Hamburg and other Southtown regions getting almost 5 feet of snow next week.


That amount is right around what parts of Western New York got last November. If you remember, the snow started flying on November 16th and lasted for around 48 hours leading to 77 inches of snow in parts of Western New York. 

The snow got so bad in Orchard Park that the NFL moved the Bills home game against the Browns to Detroit. There was no way that the team could clear out the stadium in time and guarantee that fans and players would have safe travel.

So will this year be the same as 2022? Well, early weather models are saying that we could see as much snow as we did last year.

At least we have a little more heads up, so make sure you are prepared with shovels, winter gear, food, generators, and any other winter snowstorm supplies you think you will need.

Check out some photos from that 2022 November Storm.

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Here’s some snapshots of what it looks like on the ground:

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