The Buffalo Bills are on a bye week, which means that the players get a well-deserved week off to spend time with family and friends. The bye week also allows players to rest more and heal any nagging injuries.

As for the coaches and front office, there is no such thing as a bye week, as they are still hard at work at One Bills Drive.

The biggest storyline off the field for the Bills lately has been revolving around two star players the team has been rumored to be interested in.

Running back Christian McCaffrey and wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

McCaffrey would have to be a trade and with the deadline just 12 days away, that seems less likely to happen than a potential OBJ signing.

The Bills have been linked to OBJ ever since Von Miller has suggested through the media that he would be a great fit in Buffalo and with this tailor-made offensive powerhouse of a passing game.

OBJ is coming off ACL surgery, which happened in February, so the earliest he would be able to return to the field is mid-to-late November; if not some time in December.

However, the Bills have competition, if they are truly interested in Beckham Jr.

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce restructured his contract earlier this week, which meant saving the Chiefs money on the salary cap. That left many wondering if he did that so the Chiefs could fit OBJ under the salary cap?

Travis Kelce and his brother, all-pro center for the Philadelphia Eagles Jason Kelce hosts a podcast; and Travis Kelce suggested he did that to help land OBJ...

Jason: "so you cannot verify or debunk the rumors out there surrounding OBJ?"

Travis: "Odell Beckham Jr.?"

Jason: That's the OBJ I'm referring to"

Travis: "I want them to come true"

Travis (later): "Something's in the air for sure and if it means OBJ..."

Jason Kelce then said we can't wait to see OBJ in a Chiefs uniform, with Travis Kelce responding "whewwww."

Former all-pro wide receiver Dez Bryant tweeted at OBJ, asking him Bills or Chiefs?

OBJ with a cryptic response...

It does feel like that it's down between the Bills or Chiefs, with the Rams (OBJ's former team) also being a potential possibility.

OBJ recently stated the Rams gave him the "lowest of low offers," with Rams head coach Sean McVay stating that OBJ has not received the final offer from the Rams yet.

I think the Rams need him the most. The Bills and Chiefs have the top two offenses in terms of points per game in the NFL and are widely considered the two best teams in the AFC. OBJ would be a luxury and a final piece, while the Rams have struggled on offense this season.

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