There's no doubt that the Buffalo Bills have a fun time on and off the field.

Since 2019, the Bills have won 10 games every season and have made three playoff runs, including making it to the AFC Championship game in January of 2021.

The biggest reason why that is is because of Josh Allen.

For years, Bills fans have been waiting for that quarterback to lead them out of the ashes and into the top-echelon of the National Football League. No quarterback in league history has made a larger leap from year one to year three than Allen.

He's now considered one of the best players in the league, regardless of position and once again in consideration for league MVP. You could argue he's playing the best of any quarterback so far in the 2022 regular season, outside of Lamar Jackson and maybe Patrick Mahomes.

While Allen is a godsend on the field, his fun off the field (and on) is what makes him so lovable for teammates, coaches and fans.

However, Josh I love you, but it's maybe time you stop doing this during practice.

On Wednesday, Dan Fetes of 13 WHAM in Rochester captured a video of Allen racing his fellow quarterbacks in practice and after winning, appeared to come up limping as he was grabbing his hamstring, near the back of his knee.

It was yet another joke from Allen, which he's now done twice since training camp.

Allen laid motionless on the field during training camp back in late July, so this is something he does from time to time, but it's easily the number one thing to raise the blood pressure of any Bills fan watching.

I love how Josh has fun but maybe cool it with the fake injury celebrations. I'm kind of half-joking here, but every Bills fan does hold his or her breath when he takes off running and gets tackled by defenders. It's part of what sets him apart from everyone else but everyone also agrees it's not exactly the least risky way to play the position.

On behalf of Buffalo, please ease up on the fake injury celebrations Josh.

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