Our favorite Buffalo Bills wide receiver, and one half of our favorite NFL duo (Josh Allen comprises the other half, if you didn’t know) voiced his opinions today on his LOVE of cooking. Just kidding – he is not a fan.

In a string of tweets, Stefon Diggs showed his true love for the culinary world. It was the light-hearted thing we all needed to read after an emotionally-taxing few days. Diggs himself tweeted a few days ago, "Please pray for the safety of everybody in Buffalo," and really uplifted our spirits today with his funny tweets.

He began by tweeting, “Another night of feeding myself…” as a warmup for what's to come.

He continued by tweeting, “Forced to use the skills I learned when I did two years in culinary school.” Which leads me to wonder – did we ever know Diggs has these skills? This is a low-key learning moment and I for one would love to know what he can cook.


So do his fans.

One fan commented, “Give us some pics! Front cover for delish coming up, right?” Another fan wrote, “More like Chefon Diggs.” Another comment summed it up best: “Chef Stef! Cooking DBs on the field & cheffin it up in the kitchen!”

He ended his trifecta of cooking tweets with, “This whole cooking for yourself sh*t 0-10 wouldn’t recommend. I be d*mn near too tired to eat after and then gotta wash the dishes after yeah nah”

Let’s keep Diggs scoring, and not cooking.

Buffalo Bills v Detroit Lions
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But I’m so on board with his tweets. I, for one, am no culinarian. I’d rather do anything but cook. Really, most anything else. The last time I remember putting any effort into a meal was for a grade, and was for middle school home and careers. So, Stefon, I get it.

Can’t wait to see you on the field tearing up the field with QB1 this coming Monday, January 2!

Hopefully it’ll be a Happy New Year for us with the game, and let’s get Diggs a delicious meal after that (that he doesn't have to prepare).

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