If you are traveling down the New York State Thruway for the first time in a while you may notice that the rest stops have changed. 

It feels like forever since New York State announced they will give a major rehaul to their rest stops along the New York State Thruway. For active commuters, the closing and remodeling of the rest stops were a massive pain, especially when you find yourself hungry. Or, perhaps even more importantly, when nature calls.

There is good news though as a few of the new rest stops are all done and open to the public, we can say after a peek inside that the wait is definitely worth it.

NYS Thruway/Canva
NYS Thruway/Canva

There are 27 service areas for motorists traveling along the New York State Thruway, several that are closed or under construction or scheduled to be renovated in the next two years. (You can see the specific timeline of when each rest stop project will be completed here.)

However, three of them are completely renovated and remodeled and ready to enjoy by New York state travelers this holiday season.

All of the newly open service areas have free Wi-Fi, ATMs, E-ZPass On-the-go, a seasonal farmers market, public/family assist restrooms, and a gas station with diesel fuel. They also include Applegreen Market stores and a massive amount of Taste NY food and drink products from all around the state. 

But the part that’s the most exciting about the new thruway rest stops has to be the new restaurants tucked inside and in the drive-thrus.

If you’re hitting the road to visit friends and family this holiday season and traveling on the New York State Thruway, you can possibly check out one of these three rest-stop locations that are fully remodeled.

Keep scrolling for a look inside!

A Peek Inside The New Thruway Rest Stops In New York State [PHOTOS]

Keep scrolling to see pictures of the newly revamped New York State Thruway service areas.

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