The Buffalo Bills are embarking on their week 6 road game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday.

The Bills will travel today to Kansas City and play the Chiefs in what should be the best game so far in the 2022 NFL season. Kickoff is at 4:25.

What's amazing is that the Bills have only played in two home games so far at Highmark Stadium and one of them was a 1 pm start. The Bills will only play three total home games in Orchard Park in the first nine weeks of the season and just one 1 pm home game in those nine weeks. That's something we're not used to.

The Bills defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers by a score of 38-3 and the gameday traffic was as bad as it's ever been, outside of the Monday night opener against the Tennessee Titans.

Have you ever wondered when the Bills get to Highmark Stadium for the games? Or better yet, what route they take?

For the visiting team, they typically take busses from the hotel near the airport, to Highmark Stadium with a police escort. However, the Bills players take their own vehicles from their homes on game days.

Bills star edge rusher Von Miller revealed in his vlog what he went through driving to Highmark Stadium last Sunday before the Steelers game. Miller admitted he was running a bit late and traffic on Big Tree Road was already bumper-to-bumper.

Miller was told to just use the opposite side of the road and if any police officer gave him trouble, to just roll down his window and wave...because they would see it's Von Miller and to just let him pass.

Miller got help from a teammate that he needed to drive on the opposite side of Big Tree Road, which Bills players running late do. The officer joked he needed better time management and Miller joked "I know."

Tackle Spencer Brown posted on social media before the Titans game in September that he was stuck in traffic too but I don't think he was on Big Tree Road.

So, if you see vehicles driving on the wrong side of Big Tree Road, when you're stuck in Bills game day traffic, just realize that it's highly likely it's a Bills player rushing to the stadium.

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