There are three big things that people look for at a wedding reception, good food, good entertainment, and a really cool venue.  Here are some of the best venues downtown.

While vendors like photographers and videographers might mean a lot to you, the food, the music, and the venue are really the most important things to your guests.  They want to eat well, be entertained, and quite frankly feel fancy for a night.  They're getting dressed up and celebrating a big occasion.  Why shouldn't the venue match that feeling?

We've already highlighted some of the most popular venues for people who want a wedding in the South Towns and the North Towns.  But there are some incredible ones in the city too.  Most of them have incredible historic significance here in Buffalo.  Many of them are old buildings that developers have come in and made to feel brand new again.  From the elegant look of Sheas on Seneca and the Hotel at the Lafayette, to the rustic look of Pearl Street Brewery and Pearl at the Webb, and the industrial look of The Foundry Suites and Hotel, Buffalo has it all.

Aside from picking a date, picking a venue is one of the firt things you need to do when you're planning a reception (unless you choose to elope or have a destination wedding).  Everything else falls into place once the venue has been chosen.

One good thing about choosing a venue downtown is that many of them are either connected to hotels or at least they're close to some.  That way if you need rooms to get ready in, or if you have a lot of out of town family members coming in they'll have a place to stay.

Here are some of the most requested wedding venues in downtown Buffalo...

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