The cold weather season in Western New York seems to last most of the year and when it arrives in the 716, there are quite a few things we should have done around the house to be prepared for it.

We know, household chores are sometimes the last things on our list. It's really low on the list when it's stuff that might cost us a bit of money to have taken care of. But, considering how bad the weather can get in when winter is coming, often it's best that we just suck it up and get it done.

Living in New York State we get all sorts of weather every year and those weather conditions can take a toll on our houses and apartments.

Doing some regular inspections and preventative maintenance can go a long way to help keep our homes in tip-top shape and keep down costs of what could be expensive repairs when a potential weather emergency hits.

So if we assume we've already done all the things we need to do to prepare our houses for fall, then this really short list of items for you to check now will help you stay ahead of home owning worries.

Foundation Condition Check

When is the last time you took a walk around BOTH your basement and your home’s perimeter walls looking for any sign of cracking or leaking? This year? 5 years ago? 10? Most people find out their foundations are in need of repair AFTER something catastrophic happens. Why wait till then? There is so much wetness in the fall and early winter that this is the perfect time to repair cracks in your foundation walls or water/dampness on your basement floor. Doing this now may help you keep a minor repair from turning into a major repair.

Photo by Fons Heijnsbroek on Unsplash
Photo by Fons Heijnsbroek on Unsplash

Gutter Downspouts

Once you finish walking around the foundation, this is also the perfect time to make sure your gutters and downspouts are in good working order. Getting rainwater and snow melt away from your house and foundation will go a long way to ensure the long-term stability of your house.

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Chimney Flashing

Since you'll already be on the roof looking at your gutters, why not check the condition of your roof to make sure there aren't any spots where a leak can get in? The flashing on the roof may have separated allowing water (or melting ice) to leak into your home, so get that checked as well.

Photo by john xiao on Unsplash
Photo by john xiao on Unsplash

Furnace, Hot Water Tank, and AC

This is the exact time of year when we find out that there is a problem with our heating system, right when we turn the furnace on for the first time when the temperature drops. Don't get caught in the cold, find a professional to come to give your HVAC system a once-over to make sure it's in good working order.

Smiling technician repairing an hot-water heater
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Backup Power

Winter weather sometimes can bring power outages with it. One way to make sure you're all set this winter is to have some sort of backup power or generator on hand.

Getty Images
Getty Images

What are some other things that you can think of that we should do around the house to get ready for winter?

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