A cold front is expected to move across New York this week and with that will come a massive dip in temperatures across the area.

According to the National Weather Service in Buffalo, we are going to see below-average temperatures over the next week or so.

Check out this Tweet from the National Weather Service.

The good news is that the early Winter forecast prediction is calling for a milder-than-usual winter for much of the Northeast which means as we get through this cold snap there will be some warmer temperatures across the state.

Forecasters are calling for a triple La Nina this year is why we are expected to see a much milder winter. A "Triple Drip" La Nina happened when we see La Ninas for three straight years. This hasn't happened in New York in 100 years.

Because of the milder condition according to the early winter forecast from Accuweather, the chance of snow and bitter cold will be relatively low for New York State. Forecasters are calling for about half the amount of snowfall that we had last year. Also, the chance of lake effect snow in the region is lower than in years past.

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