The Buffalo Bills lost a tough game in Philadelphia against the Eagles in a Week 11 matchup that many call the best game of the 2023 season.

When it was all said and done, the hometown team lost a nail-biter 34-37 in overtime against the best team in the NFL. That loss helped to solidify the Eagles as one of the elite teams in the league, while it puts the Bills' standing and hopes for a 5th consecutive playoff appearance in serious jeopardy.

There has been some disagreement among members of the Bills Mafia regarding the team's contribution to its loss on Sunday. Still, there is one thing that just about everyone agrees the officiating during this game was not good.

Fans All Around Buffalo Are Complaining About The Refs

The Bills did not help themselves at all in the 2nd half of the game, missing several opportunities to put the Eagle away. They did not get any help from the officiating crew.

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By halftime, the Bills were penalized ten times, losing 75 yards in field position from those penalties, while the Eagles only had 1 penalty.

Now, you can't really argue against several of the penalties that the Bills earned; you can, however, point straight to at least two clear-as-day penalties that the refs missed. This includes a horse collar tackle that was missed and left Josh Allen with a torn jersey. Not to mention two missed pass interference calls and an intentional grounding call that should never have happened.

Buffalo Dislikes NFL Ref Shawn Hochuli

The complaints about the officiating during the game land squarely on the shoulders of NFL Referee Shawn Hochuli. As the head of the crew that covered the Bills-Eagles matchup, a lot of the hate is pointed right at him.

Rightly so because, if we all watched the same game, you will see several calls that were missed by the officiating crew. Things are so bad that fans have made a few changes to Hochuli's Wikipedia page.

One of the changes made to the page refers to Hochuli being an avid Eagles fan who loves the team.


Regardless of how bad the officiating is, the Bills have to stop shooting themselves in the foot.

Next up for the Bills is the Bye Week, so hopefully they can make some adjustments fast because the season is slipping away.

Josh Allen's Overtime Record

Josh Allen has performed exceptionally well as a Buffalo Bill, in fact, QB1 has done many things for Buffalo while in a Bills uniform, however, there is just one thing that he just cannot seem to do. Winning in overtime continues to elude JA1.

In his 6 overtime games, Allen has achieved a combined stat line of 145 of 272 for 1,805 yards, earning 10 Touchdowns and 7 Interceptions, with another 470 yards rushing and 3 rushing Touchdowns.

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