Today during the Buffalo Bills game against the Cincinnati Bengals, an honored guest attended. Bills’ safety, Damar Hamlin, went to today’s game after suffering from cardiac arrest just three weeks ago.

Throughout the game, cameras showed footage of Hamlin watching the game from a suite at Highmark Stadium, as he cheered on his fellow teammates and making his signature heart hand signal.

The Buffalo Bills Instagram account posted a video of him watching, with a commentator saying, “What a beautiful triumphant story that galvanized this entire nation.”

Though the Bengals beat the Bills with a score of 27 to 10, Hamlin tweeted a message of hope. Just as he united all the sports leagues and the nation with his positivity after his health scare, his message to look forward to next season brought a glimmer of light to fans after tonight’s loss. After the game, Hamlin tweeted, “We’ll be back… don’t even trip.”

With his lightheartedness, he helped put things in perspective, as the symbolism of the team’s beacon of hope. He had a second chance at life, and he knows the team will also have their next chance to move forward and work towards a chance at earning a spot to play in the coveted Super Bowl.

His message was what the fan base needed.

One fan commented, “Three we are blessed to have you in our organization. Your strength and courage will sustain your teammates and the mafia through this disappointment…you are reminding us what it means to be a true winner!”

Another fan wrote, “Seeing you was the best part of today!!!”

We’re reminded by this fan, of the miracle that is the Buffalo Bills organization and Damar Hamlin:

“The Bills already won when you fully recovered.”

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