We’ve been lucky this month that many of us in Buffalo got to see the phenomenal Northern Lights. Others…, well, weren’t. 

Maybe the clouds were in the way of the gorgeous display where you were. Maybe you went to bed too early to catch them. Or, maybe you just forgot it was happening. But if you’re someone who only saw the Northern Lights last month through your social media feed, we have great news.

We could possibly see them one more time here in the Western New York area.

What Are The Northern Lights?


Aurora Borealis, aka s the Northern Lights, is a stunning space phenomenon caused by solar storms interacting with the Earth’s atmosphere, causing solar particles traveling through the planet’s upper atmosphere to look like dazzling patterns of colorful light. 

If you’ve seen them before, you know just how incredible the Northern Lights are to see. People across the world travel far and wide to catch a glimpse, with Space.com calling the event the “Holy Grail of sky watching.”

Now, we know that if you missed them the last two times, or if you’re dying to see them again, we may have another chance. 

Northern Lights Could Soon Be Back Again In Buffalo

Get ready!

Since the sun rotates every 27 days, the sunspot that caused the flare earlier this month will once again be facing Earth’s direction very soon– June 6th, to be precise– right when the new moon arrives. 

This crazy perfect timing, combined with the good chance that there’ll be some solar activity, sets us up for a really good chance of catching those gorgeous Northern Lights. 

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for some good weather here in Buffalo, because we’re definitely not missing it this time!

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