You just got engaged.  So, what is the first step to start planning?  The first thing you need to decide is where to have the celebration.

Some people know exactly what they want when they get married.  They've been planning it in the back of their mind for years now.  But what if the place you had in mind isn't available, or for some other reason, you just can't get it?  Then where do you go? And what if you've never paid any attention at all to wedding venues?  Where do you start?

If you've already decided that you aren't going to elope, then how big of a reception do you want to have?  If you're planning on inviting the entire family, and it's a big one, then you're going to need a huge venue to hold them all.  If you don't want to have a back yard wedding, then you should start looking at venues right away.

Ask a lot of questions while you're visiting.  Make sure that the answers are written down for you.  Is it going to be big enough?  Are there any special rules that you'll have to abide by?  Do they rent the space by the hour?  Can you use the facilities all day?  If not, when can you get in?  See if it's possible to try the food.

One of the biggest determining factors though is the location.  Will it be close to the rest of your family?  Will it be close to where you want to stay that night?  The last thing you want to do after your wedding is to have to drive a long distance to get to where you'll be sleeping.  Your wedding is a very long day.

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